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About Food Of Joy

Our mission

At Food of Joy, we have one goal: to bring joy to your life by providing healthy food.

Our Vision

Promote humanity. Promote health and wellness. Promote social and eco responsibility.

Most people know that eating healthy is important for their well-being, but eating healthy consistently is challenging. The pace of life is accelerating — people are constantly under pressure. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders. How would you feel about not having to shop, cook, or clean up, even for only a couple of days each week? How about having more time to relax, spend with your family, or advance your career? Food of Joy can give you that lifestyle.

We Make Healthy Eating Effortless and Enjoyable.

Food of Joy delivers fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals to save people time and help them eat healthy consistently. Our menu includes signature dishes from different cuisines, including American, Asian, Italian, Latin American, Mediterranean, Mexican, and more. The menu rotates weekly so that you get to enjoy different food every week. Many of our dishes are healthier versions of traditional food you are already familiar with. We constantly add new dishes to the menu to bring more variety to your diet.

You Are in Control.

You can customize your meals to fit your lifestyle and dietary preferences and create an endless variety of dishes that your whole family can enjoy. The nutritional values are automatically calculated when you choose the components of your meals.

We know your schedule is demanding and may be unpredictable. We want to make our service as flexible as possible to fit into your daily life. There is no subscription needed! You can order meals when you need them. You will never receive food you didn’t intend to order.

Eat Clean with Pure Food.

We make your food from scratch using natural ingredients, many of them organic. We scrutinize labels and screen out ingredients containing manufactured chemicals that don’t belong in your food, like preservatives, food coloring, MSG, artificial flavor enhancers, and artificial sweeteners.

Salt and sugar are commonly used as fillers to make food tasty. We know the damage excess salt and sugar can do to your body, so instead, we accentuate the flavors of your food with healthy herbs and spices. When you remove excess salt and sugar from your diet, you will find that many foods are naturally tasty!

We Care About Our Planet.

Our packaging is plastic-free. The meal boxes, salad boxes, and sauce cups are made of plant fibers. They are biodegradable and compostable. The meals are delivered in reusable coolers and ice packs. We will pick up the coolers and ice packs on our next delivery. The coolers and ice packs are sanitized and reused.

Alice Wang, Ph.D.

Alice Wang, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Alice obtained her doctoral degree in biomedical research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she studied breast cancer and diabetes. Before founding Food of Joy, she was a health coach. While helping people improve their health through diet and exercise, she realized the urgent need for fresh and healthy food that is readily available every day. Her own experience with poor health caused by artificial additives in food reaffirmed her belief that natural, wholesome meals are an essential component of well-being. As a lifelong foodie, Alice has a passion for a broad range of cuisines and has created countless innovative recipes. She lives in Allied Gardens in San Diego and enjoys hiking and reading in her spare time.

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